“Megan is a very talented copywriter that we have had the pleasure of working with. She is very professional, quick to deliver her work, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”
— Kobina Ansah, ModernLend CEO


“Megan has never turned down an opportunity to kick ass and make magic happen. As a writer, she is warm and tender with her subjects. As a copy editor, she’s a grizzly bear coaching writers to beat their work into shape.”
 — Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Publisher & Creative Director of Stay Wild magazine


“Megan is an excellent writer with a keen sense of style with each article she delivered. Her knowledge on tech helped with blog ideas and her warm character made our interactions enjoyable. I’d recommend her to any company who is looking for a fresh stroke to their struggling content.”
– Tania Cuevas, Mirror Content Producer


“I’ve managed Megan both as a full-time employee and a freelancer, and I’d recommend her for any writing need you might have, from tweets to white papers. She has a highly methodical brain, which means she’s incredibly skilled at gathering context and research. She communicates well, asks for feedback at regular intervals, submits immaculate first drafts, demonstrates high levels of patience, and brings a sense of calm to every project, no matter how tight the deadline. What makes Megan rare is her capacity to make copy sparkle. You can task her with incredibly dry subject matter, and she’ll bring it to life, always in a way that speaks directly to the audience. I feel comfortable asking Megan to write about virtually anything, because I know she’ll get it done well.”
— Jenn Tibbett, Editorial Director at Bonfire Marketing